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Our team of trained providers will start with an initial weight loss consultation in person or virtual to assess your needs and ensure you qualify for a weight loss program. 

Check Ins

Once prescribed, we will check in monthly via telehealth and work with you to monitor progress. 


Weight loss prescriptions are for those who qualify. Utilize the calculator below as an initial gauge to determine your BMI. Book your consult today to discuss your weight loss plan.


If you have any questions about our weight loss program or medications, please complete the form and one of our providers will be in contact with you.

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Our Pricing

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Our team of nurse practitioners and physician assistants are highly trained in keeping the whole family healthy.  

IV Hydration

We provide custom designed IV drips to help keep your mind and body healthy and thriving down to the cellular level.  

Cosmetic & Aesthetic

We offer numerous cosmetic procedures such as cosmetic injections, weight loss programs, and more.

Pre and Post-Op Assistance

Invaluable support both before and after surgery.

Wellness Blood Panels

Explore options to get to know your body’s nutritional needs.

Medical & Sick Visits

Our visits will include a customized problem-focused assessment & any necessary rapid tests to diagnose & treat your needs.


Connect you with a Clinic Concierge practitioner from the comfort of your home or office. Anywhere. Anytime.

Fertility Assistance

Timely administration of injections when you need it.